The British Society of Perfumers

The British Society of Perfumers

I’m delighted to announce that my application to the British Society of Perfumers has been accepted and I am now an Associate Member. There have been many inspiring BSP events over the years – including several fun evenings hosted by Virginie Daniau – so making the relationship official is a real joy.

The British Society of Perfumers Logo

One of the first events I attended was in October 2013, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the BSP. This photograph means so much as it is the only one I have with two dear friends in the same picture: creative perfumer and collaborator Penny Williams and Lizzie Ostrom, aka Odette Toilette and author of this wonderful book.

The British Society of Perfumers

Rebecca Rose, Lizzie Ostrom & Penny Williams

Since then, I’ve attended several events and an annual highlight has been the Fine Fragrance Trends evening, in the beautiful surroundings of The Royal Society of Chemistry inside Burlington House. This was a wonderful opportunity to meet people from every part of the fragrance industry, from manufacturing to marketing, while exploring current trends in perfumery. Behold a table full of scent strips! Heaven.

Along with my BSP membership certificate, I received this wonderful book which explores the past, present and future of British perfumery.

The British Society of Perfumers

Special thanks to Penny Williams and Julie Marlowe for supporting my application.



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