ORDRE COSMIQUE – Our Latest Eau de Parfum

ORDRE COSMIQUE – Our Latest Eau de Parfum

The idea behind ORDRE COSMIQUE was to recreate the sensation of standing under the stars – taking comfort and delight in the shimmering sky above and a feeling a deep connection to the Cosmos. A metallic coolness hangs in the air … and we connect to a serene stillness within. How would it be possible to replicate this strange – yet universal – feeling? Sparkling top notes of bergamot and cardamom express the crisp night air filled with constellations. Heart notes of cinnamon and waterlily lead to a soft, soothing base of musk and chocolate cosmos flower. I fell in love with this tiny bloom in my garden – it has a dry, dusty bouquet with traces of cocoa powder on its petals. Utterly beguiling! From first spritz to dry down ORDRE COSMIQUE is quite a journey…

In the many weeks it took to finesse this unique scent, I felt inspired by the women who had explored our understanding of the stars: Alice Coltrane’s sublime cosmic jazz, the paintings of Hilma af Klint and the findings of astronomer Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin ORDRE COSMIQUE is an homage to their insight and dedication.

Artist Vanessa Buchmann created a beautiful illustration for To The Fairest, designed to capture the scent in a way that rejected traditional ‘olfactory pyramids’. I wanted the artwork to represent the enigmatic, cocooning quality of the scent and I think Vanessa’s illustration symbolises this facet perfectly.

Ordre Cosmique

I’m delighted that ORDRE COSMIQUE was nominated for the People’s Choice category in the Fragrance Foundation Awards this year. Votes are tallied on the Perfumist app – the number one app for fragrance-lovers. If you have an account, please log in and simply click on the ‘like’ button to register your vote. Likes = votes!

The fragrance received a wonderful review from Edwina Ings-Chambers in a recent issue of YOU magazine: ‘ORDRE COSMIQUE comes from new and independent perfume label To The Fairest, which is well worth your support. It’s a charming scent with a light, crisp feel plus a dash of sweetness and warmth, as well as oodles of positive vibes thanks to a blend of cardamom, water lily and cedarwood’.

ORDRE COSMIQUE is available as Eau de Parfum, a Scented Candle and a Satin Body Oil made using organic argan oil. I hope you enjoy. Rebecca x

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