Introducing To The Fairest, an independent British perfumery

Introducing To The Fairest, an independent British perfumery

Scent transports us: memory, emotion and desire are at the heart of why we are so captivated by fragrance. The challenge of trying to distil these experiences into olfactory blends is one of the reasons I fell love with creative perfumery. Thanks to the friendship of Lizzie Ostrom I was introduced to Penny Williams, my long-term collaborator and the person who would be able to translate my ideas into fine fragrance.

The scents we create at To The Fairest are inspired by the imagined landscapes of literature and love. Cécile was our first fragrance and like all our Eau de Parfum, is also available as a Scented Candle and Satin Body Oil.

Inspired by the garden of the Hesperides, UK perfume brand To The Fairest is on a fragrant mission to celebrate women as muses. Their first scent, Cécile, is a journey in scent: ‘From the bright beginnings of sparkling bergamot and juicy mandarin, via the floral heart of dewy roses, to the warm aromatic base of amber and clove bud. Gentle, powdery and cocooning, we’d follow Cécile anywhere’ 

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The second Eau de Parfum, Ordre Cosmique, launched in 2021. This was a more daring composition, a fusion of traditionally feminine and masculine notes that included cardamom, shellflower and cacao pod in its enigmatic blend.

Three more scents are due to launch in 2022: Aubine, an elegant gardenia – Élan Vital, a dark, mysterious vetiver, and Oracle, a beguiling rose with traces of pink pepper. To discover more about our new launches, please subscribe to the quarterly newsletter

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Image credit: Brooke Belldon

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