Gifts for fragrance lovers

Gifts for fragrance lovers

If we’re lucky, this is the time of year when loved ones remember to buy a bottle of our favourite scent. Opening a beautifully-wrapped box of perfume on Christmas morning is one of the holiday’s greatest pleasures, but there are other ways to spoil the fragrance enthusiast in your life. Here’s our edit of the perfect presents and gifting ideas for friends, family and loved ones who find joy and inspiration in the world of scent.

Isabelle Langlois is a ‘perfume stylist’ who makes the discovery of new perfumes a delightful and unique experience. From selecting your new signature scent to helping you build your fragrance wardrobe, her role is simply to enhance your perfume routine. She puts together perfume boxes, conducts 1-on-1 perfume sessions as well as corporate events, perfume parties (ideal for company ‘away days’ or a hen do) and can even help you select your wedding favours. Find out more here

Isabelle Langlois

For those with sensitive skin, it can be challenging to find a way of wearing scent close to the body without irritation. To solve this problem, Kim Brookes worked with a jewellery designer to develop a stylish pendant made from 100% solid recycled silver and 18ct gold vermeil. Inside the pendant sits a lava stone, onto which you can drop an essential oil blend, formulated by Kim.. Our favourite is the ‘deep love’ blend, with bergamot, clary sage, amyris and ylang ylang. Explore the range here

sensitive skin

Cosying up with a good book is one of the most enjoyable ways of passing the long winter evenings. Two new titles caught our eye this year: Scented Visions: Smell in Art, 1850-1914  by Christina Bradstreet, and Uncommon Scents: A Social History of Perfume by Susan Stewart. The first documents the important role of scent in nineteenth-century art, ‘offering a powerful model for what it means to “see” smell in our archives of the past’, while the second is a ’sensory journey through time, interpreting social (and political) history through the scents used by people from the Ancient Egyptians to Coco Chanel’. Both are lavishly illustrated, ideal coffee table books for perfume lovers.

Scented Visions: Smell in Art, 1850-1914  by Christina Bradstreet

Uncommon Scents: A Social History of Perfume by Susan Stewart

For those living in or around London, we recommend trying an authentic banya experience in Belgravia. Choose from a range of invigorating spa treatments including parenie (using fragrant bundles of birch, oak and eucalyptus twigs), organic body scrubs, wraps and conventional massage. Make sure you leave time to have something to eat in the traditional eastern European restaurant before you leave – the menu is sublime. We visited earlier this year and it was a truly fantastic experience. To view the range of treatments and make a booking, visit the Banya London website.

banya experience in Belgravia

Now for a fabulous stocking filler: when we think of fabric refresher, we might think of harsh chemical sprays. Not so with Norfolk Natural Living’s beautifully scented spritz. Handmade on the Norfolk coast and inspired by the freshness of the English countryside, their natural formula has antibacterial properties, designed to neutralise odours when gently misted over garments or bedding between washes. Buy online here

Denim Refresher
Charming and knowledgable Olga Petrouchenko organises perfume walks in London, taking the form of a history walk in the centre of town, visiting heritage perfume boutiques and discovering stories of British perfume houses and famous Londoners through the fragrances they wore. Described as a ’time trip with your nose’, these walks are available in English, Russian and Italian. Find out more here
And now for the finishing touches: flowers. Over the years we have worked with two wonderful florists who specialise in scented Christmas wreaths, garlands and arrangements. Based on the Isle of Wight, Tanya Goodwin worked for many years as an interiors stylist, before starting Wild Florist Wild. All her flowers, foliage and materials used are locally sourced or home-grown. On the mainland, Emily Tallulah runs seasonal workshops, and also sells DIY luxury wreath kits to make at home.
Aubine Gift Set
To The Fairest has had a busy run-up to Christmas with events in London, East Anglia and the Cotswolds. Meeting existing customers (and many new ones!) in person was such a joy and we took on board all the feedback about what you would like to see next from the brand. We take gifting seriously and were delighted to see our beautiful gift bundles featured in ElleGlamour, and Marie Claire. To browse online, click here.

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